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Learn. Grow. Thrive.

Our Upcoming Educational Schedule

No Events Currently Scheduled

Educational events are currently in development. Please check back to learn about our new offerings.

Once determined, NRU will make announcements via email and our social networks. In the meantime, check out our FREE On-Demand Webinars listed below.

Impactful Supervision

Do you have the vision to see all the pitfalls, practice mistakes, ethical dilemmas, and transference issues you may run into? Most of us would agree this is not so. Social workers need help and assistance to work through these issues.

Sexual Misconduct

This webinar is designed to update policyholders on the types of situations in which sexual misconduct violations can occur as well as situations conducive to complaints even when a violation has not occurred.

Your Telehealth Practice

Before COVID-19, many practitioners never considered the option of providing services through technology. Today, many health behavioral professionals consider telehealth as their primary way to connect with clients. Get the tools you need!

Your Face-to-Face Practice

COVID-19 radically changed the delivery method of services for mental health professionals. Today, professionals need to consider additional factors like space, logistics, and local mandates to provide services to their clients.